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My name is Wally and have been online for several years creating simple websites and blogs to make money. There are 2 basic things that EVERY website absolutely needs to create a simple web design online: A domain name and a good web hosting provider.

This blog was created to show where you get great deals and specials on both of these. This way you can save money with your business and also learn how to create a blog online to make money in your specific industry or niche.

One aspect of making money online with ANY website or blog is learn SEO.

SEO is short for search engine optimization and gives you the ability to outrank your competition in Google. When done the right way, your website will be on the top and thus make money online. For example, you made it here today because you wanted to know “how to make money online blogging”. This is the power of SEO marketing and driving visitors to your website that are hungry for what you have.

The will also show you FREE and PAID ways to drive targeted traffic to your website, blog or eCommerce store online. This will allow your potential customers or clients to find your products or services online that you promote.

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